Electrical Thermal Imaging Service

RT Electric, Inc. is proud to be a leading provider of thermography services in Las Cruces and El Paso.

Customers such as PetroTravel Centers, Las Cruces Public Schools and Mountain View Regional Medical Center have already taken advantage of this preventative maintenance service provided by RT Electric. Because many electrical defects are accompanied by a rise in temperature for up to several weeks prior to failure, thermography identifies problems or potential hazards with electrical distribution systems before they escalate. The following are some benefits of thermography:

  • Significantly reduce unscheduled power outages
  • Detect problems quickly, without interrupting service
  • Assess priorities for corrective action
  • Minimize preventive maintenance and troubleshooting time
  • Comply with insurance company requirements and reduce premiums
  • Check for defective equipment while still under manufacturer warranty

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Thermal Imaging Home & Business Inspection

All the Reasons Why You Should let the RT Electric, Inc. “Thermal Imaging Specialist” Inspect Your Building or Home for Air & Moisture Leaks.

Do you actually know what’s lurking behind the walls in your home or business? Within minutes, thermal imaging can detect signs of leaks behind walls, missing insulation, and any thermal anomaly that can be compromising the structural integrity of your home or business, or compromising your health.

Moisture behind the walls could literally be eating away at the equity in your building.

Missing insulation – finding sources of heat & cooling loss in the home or business can save big dollars off your energy bill $$$.

Mold growth – sneezing, asthma, and even depression are all bi-products of mold growth in the home caused by damp areas.

Locating moisure penetration in roofs.

A thorough diagnosis of your home or building comes with a complete written report with thermal image photos included. “Never buy a home or building until you get an idea of what’s happening behind the walls!”

Ripping walls apart to source a leak can cost you BIG $$$.

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